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Kitten Atomic Designs is a Graphic Design and Illustration studio. Explore captivating and purposeful creations that push the boundaries of creativity, blending stunning visuals with innovative concepts. Join me on this artistic journey to transform your vision into reality through the power of creative fusion.​​​​​​​
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An artist and designer extraordinaire with
three decades of experience, infusing joy and 
vibrancy into every masterpiece!
I am a mixed media artist and graphic designer, and I strive to create visually stunning works that evoke emotion and engage the viewer. My passion for color, form, and composition drives me to experiment with various styles and mediums, constantly pushing the boundaries of traditional art and design.
In my paintings, I explore the interplay between light and shadow, using bold brushstrokes and vibrant hues to capture the essence of the subjects I depict. I aim to create works that evoke a sense of movement and energy, inviting the viewer to step into the world I have made.
In my graphic design work, I approach each project intending to deliver an effective and impactful solution that meets the client’s needs. Whether working on branding, packaging, or digital design, I use my knowledge of typography, composition, and color theory to create visually appealing and effective designs that communicate the intended message.
Ultimately, my goal as an artist and designer is to create works that inspire, engage, and captivate the viewer. Whether working on a canvas or in the digital space, my passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking works drives my creativity.
Services I offer include:
Brand Identity
Website Design
Fine Art
Digital Art
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